Debt Fireball

Get out of Debt without all the headaches

We automate your debt payoff plan. Just connect your accounts, choose a debt payment strategy and let us take it from there.

Automated Payments
Automated Payments

Connect your Accounts

We’ll walk you through connecting your bank accounts and debt accounts. Within minutes you’ll be connected.

Choose Your Plan

Choose your plan

Select Debt Snowball or Avalanche payment plans. Both tried and true debt repayment strategies, boosted with technology.

Debt Snowball

Focus on your smallest debt first.

Debt Avalanche

Focus on the highest interest rate first.

Automated Payments

Automatic Payments

Once connected and your plan is selected we’ll execute your plan on your behalf. No more spreadsheets or late nights wasted on your finances.

Financial Suggestions

Personalized Financial Suggestions

Each month we’ll analyze your spending and suggest ways you can cut to get out of debt sooner.